Tesla to discontinue lower variants of Model S sedan from April 16

Tesla to discontinue lower variants of Model S sedan from April 16

In fact, all 60 models come with the same battery units as the 75 models - it's just that Tesla only allowed owners of the cheaper models to access about 80 percent of the entire battery's capacity. More affordable as compared to what?

American electric carmaker Tesla is soon going to discontinue the lower most variants of the Model S sedan.

While there was demand for the more affordable versions, Tesla has concluded that removing the two models would be more advantageous for the company.

The Tesla Model 3 is expected to only cost around $35,000 and may include a battery pack below 60kWh.

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It looks like Tesla is determined to show the slow-selling Model S 60 and 60D the door. The Palo Alto auto manufacturer decided that it was time to kill its entry-level Model S, dubbed the 60 and 60D.

The 60 and 60D cars actually use the same 75kWh battery pack as the 75 models, though the additional performance and range is locked away behind a limiter. The rear-wheel drive Model S 60 is now listed at $108,700 and the all-wheel drive "Dual motor" 60D is priced at $116,300.

Tesla also recently tapped the capital markets for an additional $1.2 billion to help launch its intended volume leader, the Model 3, which is planned to start production in July.

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