Red Dead Redemption's map is being modded into GTA 5

Red Dead Redemption's map is being modded into GTA 5

GTA V made its way to PC, eventually (18 months after its first release on Xbox 360 and PS3). Such a feature could return for Red Dead Redemption 2, and would certainly fit with speculation that the story will concern Marston and his gang. Given the enormous, continuing success of GTA Online it was beginning to look like they may go Full Valve and never release a new game.

According to GTA Forums, the "Red Dead Redemption" map for "Grand Theft Auto V" will be available for use in FiveM or FiveReborn with a downloadable size of 2 GB.

Since the console files of Red Dead Redemption are encrypted in a Rockstar Games proprietary format, the key for these files must first be reverse engineered through the executable file. But modders are different: if something doesn't exist, they can make it exist, as is evidenced by this effort to get Red Dead Redemption's map into GTA 5.

With an enormous amount still unknown about Rockstar Games' next title, here's everything we do know and everything to be expected of one of the year's biggest releases. Of course. We just haven't found the right game for it yet, but it's one of the things that we always think about.

And while we can't guarantee it will launch alongside a new Adversary Mode, there is a chance that the new Resurrection dodgeball-type game could land later this week.

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There is likely a few more being worked on, as well as new vehicles that haven't been announced.

Q: When can we expect a release? While the GTAforums page doesn't allude to actual gameplay elements making the transition, third-party multiplayer clients like FiveMFiveReborn will be supported, meaning we may be able to shoot each other on the map, at least. Are you excited to try out Red Dead Redemption V? Now, thanks to mod group.White Team, it will be incredibly easy.

What will be interesting is how Rockstar builds on the GTA Online formula.

The connection between GTA 5 and GTA Online didn't extend much beyond beyond the setting and a few shared characters. To bring those two sides together in some way would certainly require a deft touch.

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