Online resource dedicated to Neil Gorsuch

Online resource dedicated to Neil Gorsuch

WASHINGTON -On the opening day of his confirmation hearings, Judge Neil Gorsuch promised that if he were elevated to the Supreme Court, he would strive for independence and integrity.

"I have been approached a couple times (about running for office)", Elway said in a 2015 interview with Fox News.

"Obviously, there are some advocacy groups that are opposing Judge Gorsuch", Sasses says.

Neil Gorsuch, who Trump has tapped to succeed Antonin Scalia on the nation's high court, will go before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

The confirmation hearing will continue through this week.

Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the former committee chairman, said the "unprecedented obstruction" by Republicans of the Garland nomination "is one of the greatest stains on the 200-year history of this committee". The court's eight current justices are roughly divided ideologically between conservatives and liberals. Jeff Flake of Arizona who said he considers judge Gorsuch a "class act". "Justice Ginsberg, Justice Breyer. were not asked those questions, and Judge Gorsuch should not be either".

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, highlighted the American Bar Association's unanimous well qualified rating for Gorsuch, noting that Democrats have previously referred to the ABA's rating as the gold standard for evaluating judicial nominees.

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Meanwhile, an European Union spokesperson told reporters in Brussels that they are "ready and waiting" for the letter. Estimates of the number of British citizens in Italy vary from 26,000 to 65,000 and many are now mobilising.

And U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, called Gorsuch's nomination - following the stalled Garland process - part of a "Republican strategy to capture our judicial branch of government", though he added that "in spite of all of this, you are entitled a hearing on merits".

In the presidential election between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton, Cruz said, "the people chose originalism, textualism and the rule of law".

President Donald Trump tapped the federal appeals court judge from Colorado to replace influential conservative Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away in February of a year ago. When few students raised their hands, he "announced that all our hands should be raised because "many" women use their companies for maternity benefits and then leave the company after the baby is born", wrote Sisk, a former staffer for Democratic Senator Mark Udall. Justices Thomas and Sotomayor were with Gorsuch while Justices Stevens and Scalia dissented-not what some might have predicted. "He's going to keep you busy".

If Gorsuch is confirmed by the Senate, as expected, he would restore a narrow 5-4 conservative majority on the court. It was meant to impugn Gorsuch's integrity but nobody except the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee put any credence in the out-of-the blue letter sent at the eleventh hour to the committee by a former student.

Committee head Sen. Chuck Grassley predicted the first round of questioning will last for about 10 hours, and joked that he would appreciate it if he could be home for his preferred 9 p.m. bedtime. It just so happens that she also just happened to have worked for pro-abortion Colorado Sen.

The first day of the hearings Monday will feature opening statements from senators and Gorsuch himself, according to the Associated Press.

Capitol hill is bustling today.

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