Malaysians among top 50 happiest nationalities in the world

Malaysians among top 50 happiest nationalities in the world

Norway has overtaken Denmark as the happiest country on earth, according to the United Nations World Happiness Report published Monday.

Singaporeans were named the happiest in Southeast Asia, at number 26.

The UAE has gained an impressive seven places in the annual World Happiness Report, moving from No 28 in 2016 to No 21 this year.

The country was pipped to the post by Norway, which took the No 1 spot, followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland rounding out the top five. Their final chapter focuses on "Restoring American Happiness", which attempts to explain why happiness in the USA is paradoxically falling despite increasing economic growth.

In a capitalist society you may think as a Brit or as an American that we fare quite well compared to other countries, but the reality is that we're becoming increasingly unhappy.

Last December, Global risk analysts Verisk Maplecroft also named Mexico as the third most risky country in the world, ahead of Iraq and Syria.

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The US' score fell by 0.372 points, and is in the bottom 25 for changes in happiness.

An improvement in educational quality and attainment should also be a key focus in the USA, says Sachs.

"The United States can and should raise happiness by addressing America's multi-faceted social crisis - rising inequality, corruption, isolation, and distrust - rather than focusing exclusively or even mainly on economic growth", the authors said. He said economic measures that the Trump administration is pursuing will make things worse.

The countries were ranked according to key factors including real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption, and generosity.

In a section of the report titled "Restoring America's Happiness", Sachs looks back at the state of happiness in the USA over the past 10 years.

In fact, Pakistan and Bangladesh, not to speak of China, ranked far above India in the Happiness Index. An average score of 6.99 for happiness put the country in 14th place, ranking one place lower than in last year's report. Sachs sees a discrepancy in how the USA government generates policy-with a focus on economic wellbeing-and how the American people are feeling.

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