LeBron: Coach's job is to compete for a championship, not a game

LeBron: Coach's job is to compete for a championship, not a game

After Cleveland beat the Lakers 125-120 in Los Angeles on Sunday night, LeBron was asked to respond to the criticism his team faced in the 24 hours following their 108-78 loss to the Clippers.

But those minutes added up over the course of a season could give James essentially seven extra games worth of rest. It's also worth mentioning that the Cavaliers wanted to keep James' minutes lower this year and reduce his workload, and that's a plan they've done a awful job sticking with. "We communicated. Offense will come and go, but defense is something that you hang your hat on and that is where you build your trust as a team". Irving had exited the Cavs' game Thursday with tightness in his left knee and was still feeling soreness Saturday. "But whatever. It's stupid".

LOS ANGELES - Does the National Basketball Association have a problem with featured games becoming prime-time flops when star players sit out for rest?

If you as an owner want to put less than your best product out there, then you should be willing to charge less than full value.

"It sucks", LeBron admitted Sunday, noting he can see that dilemma. "At the end of the day, it sucks at times where certain guys have to rest, but certain guys need rest". Nevertheless, he said that the top-seeded Cavaliers they can "afford" schedule losses before the playoffs and that he needed to make sure his players get "the proper rest" during a season that has seen Love and J.R. Smith undergo surgery.

"But coach's job is to figure out a way to get a team to compete for a championship, and not compete for a game. Me personally, I want to play in every game, I wanted to play last night but my coach said he felt it was best I didn't play last night so I didn't and I'm going to go with my coach".

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As exciting as the prospect of those two developing chemistry might be, one can't help but feel the tinge of annoyance at how long they waited to let them build that rapport at the starts of games.

Nwaba said that he had not pushed to talk with the team, either, but he seemingly understood a choice was at hand.

The lineup change wasn't well received in NBA HQ, either, with a call quickly going out to Cavs General Manager David Griffin. "He was mad, but I just thought for him it was the right decision - not to go out there and try to carry the whole load by himself and playing more minutes".

"I can't stress enough how important rest is, man", Irving said. It included a game in which no music was played for an entire second half, and a odd move by the Warriors. "As you know, we haven't had a team together for more than a week at a time all year".

If a star sits out with an injury, real or imagined, it's not just one game. I just think getting those two back tomorrow and getting on the same page is good for us, instead of just trying to play him when Kevin can't play in a back-to-back and Kyrie can't play in the back-to-back.

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