Apple's Ambitious Augmented Reality to Come Soon: All You Need to Know

Apple's Ambitious Augmented Reality to Come Soon: All You Need to Know

According to industry analysts iPhone 8 is predicted to be one of the best selling smartphones give the different features the device will come with. Rumors swirling since last yea suggested that the company for iPhone 8 are working on a 'radical redesign' which will reaffirm the company's excellent track record. Shape wise, the iPhone 8 is said to resemble the first iPhone, but it will use all glass, similar in design to the plastic used in the second iPhone.

The report claims that Mike Rockwell, who previously ran the hardware and new technologies groups at Dolby and was recruited by Apple in 2015, is leading the said AR team. So, here's the offer breakdown- The Apple iPhone SE original price is Rs. 24,999 and you need to pay the same amount at the time of purchase, and you will get additional Rs. 5,000 cash back within 90 days from the date of purchase.

At the front, reports seem to agree that the OLED display will not be curved dramatically unlike in the Galaxy Edge. This will likely mean that the device has a more curved back than what other recent models of the iPhone have had.

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Apple had released the iPhone SE launched nearly exactly a year ago, with the India launch happening in early April. The 10th anniversary iPhone is said to come with a very familiar form factor because it will be paying tribute to the original iPhone that the late Steve Jobs introduced back in 2007.

Talking about the possibilities, the AR/VR can be implemented in Apple products ranging from Maps, Snapchat-style camera filters, and other apps to virtual 3D interfaces for the iPhone to full-on virtual reality headsets. There are talks that Apple is developing long-range wireless charging that will not keep users in one spot as in the case of a Lightning cable or a dock. The iPhone 8 may also have a bigger battery for a longer life and internal storage options of up to 256GB. But it is still unknown whether the AR features will be integrated in this year's iteration of the device. But, in September, the company had announced a price of Rs 5000.

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